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Becoming a CBD TakeOut Affiliate is the first step to providing your clients, patients, or followers with an entire catalog of the best CBD products that are curated by our expert staff. In addition to that, we guarantee that our products are what they claim to be. We accomplish this by providing independent 3rd party laboratory test results on almost everything we carry.

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We don’t believe in minimum orders either

  • Access to our entire product line with your own affiliate link
  • No minimum orders necessary
  • No need to keep any product in stock
  • Educational + product information resources available
  • Discounts on samples for your patrons to try

Box Owners

CBD is a perfect match for your athletes

Trusted recovery-based CBD products are a perfect match for the wellness of your athletes. Let us be your persistent online store so you don’t have to stock products. We will provide you with learning & informational materials in addition to samples upon request. You can sell with confidence and let your athletes know that you are a trusted vendor.

Wellness Offices

We can help you offer CBD as part of your practice

Many times chiropractors, massage, and physical therapist suggest CBD as part of their patients healing and wellness regiment. However, when it comes to suggesting a trusted source, it can become tricky. By becoming a CBD TakeOut Affiliate you will be able to easily direct your patients to your own personal link. Additionally, we will provide materials to help you educate your patients on CBD products.


Your followers want it, they just don’t know where to get it

CBD has become one the most lucrative products to promote if you are an influencer. The problem is not a lot of people know enough about CBD to distinguish the bad from the good. We take that guess-work away by curating the best CBD products on the market. Through your own personal link, you can be sure your followers are receiving the highest-quality, lab-tested products.

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