Fine Healing Goods Art Promotion with CBD Bath Soak

Fine Healing Goods

Indulge and Pamper Yourself

We are big fans of Fine Healing Goods CBD. Hemp-infused body cream and restorative bath soak are our favorites because we understand the power of relaxation. Plus, they’re from Austin, so we’re practically neighbors! They have great topicals, but their tinctures are also amazing. Their lemon drops are some of our favorites. All of their products, from creams to oils, are full spectrum; as a result, you get the whole hemp plant’s healing properties without the intoxicating effects.


Fine Healing Goods Promotion with CBD Lotions and oil.

Fine Healing, Fine Hemp

High Quality and Organic

Find Healing Goods believes in creating only the best products to promote health and wellness. They only use organic and sunlight fed hemp grown on a family farm in Colorado. The CBD extract is tested multiple times throughout the product creation lifecycle. All of the results are available on their website here, as well as listed on our own product pages.

Their approach to hemp and CBD is to remove the negative stigma around cannabis and embrace the natural healing elements of the plant. All of this combined is why we love and trust Fine Healing Goods.


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