Marys Nutritionals CBD Promo for wellness and recovery

Mary’s Nutritionals

Organic Hemp & Lab Testing Leads to Quality CBD

We love Mary’s Nutritionals because of their dedication to using modern technology and science to create hemp-based products that are natural, safe, and effective. Their topicals and trans-dermal patches deliver a perfect combination of cooling and targeted pain relief.

Mary’s work has lead to the development of the first Transdermal Patch, and transdermal gel pen technology (which they own the patent). They use a customer-first approach to their development of CBD and Hemp products by listening to what consumers want and developing products based on that feedback. The people wanted organic, lab tested and high-quality CBD products – and Mary’s delivered!

Marys Nutritionals CBD Promo for workout recovery

Mary’s Hemp Plants & Quality Assurance

Where It’s Grown Matters.

Colorado-based Elite Botanicals supplies Mary’s Nurtritionals with the hemp that creates the extract used for production. Their hemp is grown in strict compliance with state and local laws and all of the products are free of THC. They also use organic farming methods to make sure the product you receive is free of harmful chemicals, pesticides, solvents, and heavy metals. As a result of Mary’s work – you know you will always get a quality final product.

Each crop that’s grown is laboratory tested to ensure quality, consistency, and accuracy. Because of their dedication to natural growth and lab testing, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting when you go with Mary’s. You can read even more about Mary’s Nutritionals, and the dedication they have to our industry here.