Slab Mule Brand Promo Photo With MAJIC CBD Slave

Slab Mule

Products that are pure MAJIC

Slab Mule products are some of our favorites – like their extra strength MAJIC Salve, an acronym for Muscle and Joint Inflammation Cream. They were co-founded by former Denver Bronco Jordan Norwood after he found CBD helped ease the aches and pains associated with being a professional athlete. And while we’re not going to return any punts for touchdowns, we do love the high quality, extra strength topical creams, salves, and ointments.

Topical CBD creams work great to relieve muscle and joint pain after our average human, non-NFL workouts and SlabMule’s products like MAJIC Salve are our favorite.

Slab Mule CBD MAJIC Salve Promo Photo

Science Leads to Quality

Using Quality Hemp & Trusted Labs

Slab Mule has partnered with one of the more reputable labs in the nation, Z3 Sciences. It’s there that CBD is extracted from hemp plants, leaving a substance that is 99% CBD, and zero THC. Slab Mule’s dedication to the science behind creating high quality and highly effective CBD products is why they’re one of our favorites. They give us a safe product that we can trust & believe in.

CBD development and advances are happening all the time, and we love how SlabMule’s partnership with Z3 Sciences ensures not only new but quality developments as well as products that we feel confident using and recommending.