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Nanocraft - Full Spectrum Engergy + Recovery Powder - 450mg
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Medium Dose ?
15mg of CBD per serving
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Lab Tested
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THC Free
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  1. J

    Jessica Moore (verified owner)

    I really like this pre workout/recovery product. I’ve so far only used it as a pre workout but it has a really great flavor and provides a good amount of energy for my workout that doesn’t leave me feeling jittery.

  2. s


    I didn’t think this would last as long as it did, but I got about 30 servings. Some days I doubled up, haha. I switched to this away from coffee.

  3. C


    Ok….I’m hooked on this. It’s got the same amount of caffeine as two cups of coffee so it gets me hyped up! However, it doesn’t have all the junk that most pre-workouts have.

  4. L


    I bought this a few weeks ago and am loving it. Love the fruity flavor. I gave it four stars because it has the slightest of aftertaste. Maybe it’s just me.

  5. D


    This product is so essential! Great for a pick me up during the day and post work out. Highly recommended!!

  6. C


    This mix is not only effective but also tasty. Its my go to for after snowboarding recovery. Would highly recommend to everyone!

  7. K


    Good stuff. Mix it up in a shaker with some ice and water. Tasty flavor too, no medicinal or vitamin taste.

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