Healthy skin will always be a hot topic; on the minds of men, women, teenagers and virtually everyone throughout the world, it’s an issue that deserves ample attention. Whether preventive or proactive, the various uses and methods available on the market may not be the best choice for you. In fact, the ingredients present in any given solution have the potential to either make or break your beauty routine – the choice is yours! With this said, being informed is key and with CBDTakeOut at your side, a new realm of possibilities has been opened for you: the use of a myriad of benefits associated with the miracle compound, CBD.

We’re here to say that achieving healthy face or body skin doesn’t have to be problematic! With the recent passing of the 2018 Hemp Bill, more funding for research is becoming available, and thankfully, what was once in the dark is being brought into the light (ie. a new era of legalized cannabis/hemp).

The modern hemp user can be confident in choosing CBD-based skin products. Keep reading for more information on pertinent studies, different products being offered on the current market, and safe methods of application.

Skin Care & Ancient Hemp

Great ancient myths of hemp’s prowess can be found in all corners of our amazingly improbable planet. Magu, the Chinese Goddess of Hemp and Healing was thought to be a benevolent spirit associated with vitality, healing, growth and regeneration. This mythological emphasis on the plant is not without reason; hemp growth in China was in fact so ample that the ancient land was once referred to as “The Land of Mulberry and Hemp”. However, myths are often just that, but not in the case of hemp and therefore also our modern cure, CBD.

From what historians have gathered, the earliest recorded medicinal use of hemp was marked by the Greek physician Discorides in his Materia medica in 65 CE, though the Roman physician Pliny the Elder’s Historia naturalis of 77 CE discussed various uses in detail and is thus more noteworthy. Dedicated to Emperor Titus, Pliny’s writings include several expounded entries on hemp while also recording one of the very first topical applications of the compound. In this case, the raw root of the hemp plant was used to treat joints for gout and also for burn treatment.

Transdermal CBD, Science & Modern Skin Care

Before implementing any substances into your regimen it is always important to be properly informed on their uses and applications. Most skincare is decidedly topical, and this consequently yields the question: does topically administered CBD really work? It does indeed. Fortunately we can now verily turn to science to provide us with evidence. As compared with THC, this 2004 study asserts that CBD combined with Ethanol had substantially higher levels of permeability. This is certainly quite positive news for hemp patients and advocates alike.

Methods & Products


Balms are various oily, fragrant, and resinous substances combined together for medicinal topical use. Body balms usually have beeswax or some other type of wax (candelilla or carnuaba), and are ideal for external treatment for many skin ailments.


Salves and balms are usually interchangeable, however you may find that one works better for you than the other. Individual remedies vary for individual patients, and therefore trial and error is sometimes worth the time.

Face Serums

Serums are more oil-based than their balm and salve counterparts. This method, used both in ancient times and now contains many other essential oils such as Camellia Seed, Argon, and Chamomile essential oils. This CBD-infused product will surely aid in cleansing your face, opening pores, and treating blemishes.


Moisturizers can be considered balms, salves or serums as well. They aid the body in retaining levels of moisture, comforting the skin. For those prone to dry, cracked skin, there are many essential oils present to further aid in healing.

Acne Treatment

Any discussion on skin care is not complete without the mention of acne. This affliction affects millions of Americans daily, however we’ve seemingly yet to come up with a solution for it that has little to no side-effects. With CBD, this is becoming more possible.

Proven as an anti-inflammatory agent, CBD also has properties that reduce anxiety and limit sebaceous glands, both of which in turn help patients wishing to rid themselves of acne.

Healing From Within

As mentioned above, often times the negative conditions that occur within our bodies are indeed caused by anxiety and stress. What if we could misdirect all this energy, ‘nip it in the bud’ and get at the problem before it reaches critical levels? With CBD, we can!

With high-dosage CBD tinctures, whole-flower hemp oil and other amazing products readily available, patients can now be comforted in knowing that their skin can have a secret weapon come from ingesting CBD products as well.

We at CBDTakeOut believe that top-notch medicine shouldn’t be out of our reach. With the miracle compound cannabidiol at our side, the possibilities are endless.

Keep following the CBDTakeOut blog for more information on the healing powers of Hemp!

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