Nanocraft - Night CBD Oil Drops 300mg CBD (Lavender)

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Low Dose ?
10mg of CBD per serving
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Lab Tested
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THC Free
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  1. I love this CBD. I used to suffer from serious insomnia a few years ago and once in a while I will still have trouble sleeping and this oil is AMAZING. Gets me sleepy within 30 minutes and I sleep very soundly.

  2. t

    tom R.

    I freaking love this tincture. I bought a few for my wife and I because its so amazing. I thought I wouldn’t like the lavender taste but its actually subtle.

  3. J

    Jon R.


  4. C

    Crystal L. Verified Buyer

    I have trouble sleeping due to arthritic pain in hip. When I go to bed, I put a dropper full under my tongue. This Is A Very Good Product.

  5. J

    Julie W. Verified Buyer

    After trying several different sleep aids I finally found something that helps me fall and stay asleep. I actually really love that there are some other proven supplements like melatonin and lavender mixed in with CBD. It’s kinda the best of everything.

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