Nanocraft - CBD Pain Salve (Extra Strength) - 500mg CBD

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  1. J

    Jessica M.

    This salve is amazing! Currently my favorite cbd product. It offers immediate relief from pulled, strained or otherwise injured muscles. I’ve used salves before that offered ok relief so I didn’t jump to add it to my cart. But Cbdtakeout has impeccable customer service and added it (for free) as a result of account verification issues and I’m so glad they did because as a 5/6 day a week gym goer it’s gonna be mission essential for my gym bag.

  2. H

    Hannah N.

    This has saved my knees! A coach at my box recommended pain stick to me. I guess they recently started working with CBD take out or something. I’ve been putting it one at least 4-5 times a day all around my knees and where my quad attaches to the knee. I’m addicted to the cooling and tingling haha

  3. D

    Don R.

    HOLY S**T! I honestly was skeptical if CBD even worked at all. I bought this at an event that CBD takeout was at. I asked if it would work for arthritis and they said it would. I use it a few times a day around my thumbs and wrist. I actually put it in the fridge as well so its cold. Feels good. Also, I feel like it last longer when its cold as it doesn’t melt as fast. Anyway, amazing stuff.

  4. M

    Maddy S. Verified Buyer

    Suffer from chronic neck and should pain and begun using this along with my regular chiropractic care and am finally getting relief. I have been using it for 2 weeks and my neck pain doesn’t flare up as quickly. Will continue to use!

  5. S

    Sylvia S. Verified Buyer

    Pain stick is the bomb! I tried another salve but the smell and greasy feeling stayed on my fingers all day. This is perfect because I don’t have to touch it and can just rub it directly on my neck and knees.

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