As the CBD revolution continues to swirl throughout the United States and the rest of the world, many people are discovering the vast array of uses this amazing compound offers. While clinical research is increasing in quantity, the overwhelmingly positive attitude towards CBD has exponentially increased functional, natural self-care. Coupled with the development of many groundbreaking industry-tested products, the breeding ground for innovation and contemporary wellness is quite fertile.

The modern athlete has a secret weapon in their pocket: CBD. CBDTakeOut is your one-stop shop with an extensive list of products that will supplement your active lifestyle. Whether you’re reaching for that PR lift, bombing it down the mountain, or traversing terrain on your bike, having the appropriate CBD solution at your disposal is beneficial and can be outright necessary.

With CBDTakeOut, Organic Relief is just a few clicks away. Keep reading to expand your knowledge on the many forms and uses of CBD.


For high-endurance sports such as climbing, skiing/snowboarding, mountain biking, and cross-country running, it is often necessary for athletes to be able to retain a level of relief throughout long sessions. We have several products to help with chronic pain & inflammation such as (Pure Ratio- Hemp Topical Patch or Mary’s Nutrional’s Elite Patch), which will ensure hours of relief to targeted areas.


Next time you’re packing your bag for a hike up a new trail, be sure to pack some CBD-infused energy. If you’re looking to rejuvenate your body with some protein to make it over that tough hill, look no further than the Ever Hemp- Bar. Offering 25mg of CBD, additional cannabinoids, and terpenes such as beta-caryophyllene and alpha-pinene, the Ever Hemp-Bar is your source of nourishment and relief in any situation.

Want to add some nutrition to your rock-climbing? Bring some Tasty Hemp Gummies along with you. While you’re taking a breather and contemplating your next move, snack on a few of these and you’ll be getting a moderate dose (25mg) of CBD relief along with other helpful phytonutrients.


Packing a cooler for a wake-boarding session? Enhance the experience and treat yourself and your buddies to some liquid CBD. The incredible power of highly-concentrated tinctures will ensure top-notch relief, and their non-psychoactive nature will not cloud your mind. We recommend putting some Tasty Hemp Oil – Tasty Drops into smoothies or other drinks of your choice.

Feeling those butterflies start to build in your stomach before the start of a race? Put a few drops of Entourage Pure Hemp Oil under your tongue, hold, and take a deep breath. You are instantly on your way to a relaxed state of mind that will allow you to make confident decisions throughout. Feeling the pressure of that deciding Set of tennis? Take a 5-minute break, and squeeze some relief under your tongue. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the outcome!

Here at CBDTakeOut, we thrive on providing the best CBD-centered care on the market. Our products are safe, tested and ready for you to engage and enjoy the world. With so many exciting sports to play – pain & anxiety management can be a breeze.

Keep following the CBDTakeOut Blog for more updates on wellness and self-care for the modern athlete and beyond!

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