Physical and mental CBD tips to help you have a more relaxing, more enjoyable holiday season

Holy crap, how is it December already?! For some reason time speeds up around the holidays and this year is no different. It is December and the holiday season is upon us.  

 There are many different twists and turns all of which can be difficult to navigate during the holiday season. Emotions can rise up around spending time with extended family. The anxiety of buying the right gifts for all the people you love (and some you don’t really like all that much). Planning travel to your favorite holiday destination. All of this while trying to keep up with your normal responsibilities: paying the bills, getting the kids to school, traffic, working a normal work week, etc. Laying on all of the extra holiday activities and expenses can create a stressful situation for even the most level-headed person.

According to The American Psychological Association, the holiday season can really amp up our ability to cope and manage an increased level of stress:

  •       Up to 69% of people are stressed by the feeling of having a “lack of time” to get everything done
  •       Over 69% are stressed by perceiving a “lack of money” to afford holiday gifts and activities
  •       51% are stressed about the “pressure to give or get gifts,” from buying the right thing to what they may not receive

This is not how the holidays should be and we want to help you the same way we help all of our family and friends. CBD can be a fantastic remedy or supplement to help you “destress” your season. And we know, we know, everywhere you look there are signs and ads for CBD “cure all” solutions. But here at CBDTakOut, we want to give you REAL direction on how to use natural solutions to these issues, backed by scientific research. So with that, below are our top four recommendations for a more relaxing and stress-free holiday.


Get more sleep with CBD


Alright my friend, it’s time to slow down. Right now everyone is running around like a chicken with its head cut off, trying to “get it all done.” Sometimes the last thing you want to hear is that getting great sleep is super important for overall sanity. But the fact is if you don’t recharge, you will crash hard.

Studies at the National Institute of Health (NIH) show that sleep deficiency actually alters activity in some parts of the brain. If you’re sleep deficient, you can have trouble making decisions, solving problems, controlling your emotions and behavior, and coping with change. Sounds like a holiday recipe for disaster!

CBD can be extremely helpful to improve both sleep quality and quantity. We hear many testimonials of how CBD helps and improving sleep is always at the top of the list. Here’s what we recommend – Take a CBD tincture (drops) under your tongue for 30 seconds before swallowing, 1 hour before bed. You can also use soft gels for the same effect. We recommend starting with 10mg and increasing the dosage until you get the desired effect.  For reference, many of us at CBDTakeOut take 100-150mg per day. Partially because we are testing the products that we recommend but also because we have found that higher doses yield better results.  


CBD can help when holiday eating throws you off


During the Holidays we tend to forget to take care of ourselves and the result can be an increase in systemic inflammation. Our diets during the Holidays probably degrades and your exercise routine probably gets amended down to speed walking between stores. We already mentioned above how the lack of sleep can affect your mental state, so combined with physical inflammation and it can make a challenging season. 

CBD has been shown in many scientific studies to lower inflammation. According to these studies, CBD can offer you a more natural alternative to over-the-counter medications while providing the same relief. Here’s what we recommend – The same tinctures/drops and capsules that help with improving sleep will also help with lowering systemic inflammation. In addition, if your inflammation manifests through sore muscles and joints use a topical to get almost immediate results.  Apply a salve/lotion to the area with pain as many times per day as you need. An application last around 2-3 hours before you need to reapply. 



curb anxiety with CBD


At the end of the day, lowering anxiety is the key area where CBD can help. We get hundreds of questions weekly about what it “feels like” when you take CBD. Most supplements are “additive” to the way you feel. For example, caffeine can give you a burst of energy, while alcohol can calm you to dull crawl. However, you have to look at CBD differently.  

Unlike other supplements, CBD actually removes certain traits instead of adding them. CBD can effectively “remove” or lower anxiety by providing balance to your body. It is a wonderful feeling to decrease a rapid heart rate, decrease jumpy thoughts, and decrease the feeling of being overwhelmed. In turn, by removing these feelings, you now have a more level perspective which allows you to focus better and experience life with much more enjoyment. Here is what we recommend – The same tinctures/drops and capsules that help to improve sleep and lower inflammation also helps to lower anxiety (ok, are you seeing a trend here?) In addition to tinctures and capsules, vaporizing CBD can offer a super fast-acting solution. Yes, we know that many of you have seen in the news the dangers of “vaping”, brought on by cheap counterfeit knock-off products, but we personally use the vape products listed on our site and we stand by our partner products’ quality and safety. The biggest benefit of vaping CBD, especially when it comes to busting anxiety, is how rapidly the CBD is able to enter the bloodstream, providing more immediate affects. Anxiety can be a sneaky SOB and can hit you out of the blue. The quicker CBD takes effect, the faster your emotions will level off.


calm your fur baby with CBD


Look, we know the holidays can be stressful. But, let’s not forget about how it also can affect our pets! Dogs and cats live off of routine, which includes your mental state and all the activities happening around them. Does the sight of suitcases stress out your dog? How much does your cat love a house full of strangers? Why are you leaving? When are you coming back? What about my walk? Just sit down and pet me!

Holidays can be an extremely stressful time for our pets. But the truth is CBD can offer them the same benefits that we see. A calm pet is a happy pet, so putting them on a CBD regiment can help lower their anxiety, get better rest, and cope with the chaos around them. Here is what we recommend – Select on great CBD supplement to add to their normal diet. Tincture drops in their wet food or CBD hard treats help get a natural remedy into their system without having to resort to medications. 

The holidays are about being thankful and we are thankful to be on this journey with you!  Feel free to ask us questions via email or through Ceebs, our quirky little chat bot. If you want us to write about a particular topic….let us know! We are here to answer your questions!

Cheers to a Holiday cocktail and may you have a peaceful stress-free season.

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